When acclaimed photographer and filmmaker Steven Sebring designed a unique camera system to pioneer multi-dimensional photography, an entirely new and dynamic way to create and interact with visual media emerged.

In this digital age, while other media creators are racing to develop complex software that emulates reality, Sebring uses his camera system to capture the true beauty and realism of its subjects in all dimensions without the use of CGI.

With 20+ years in the fashion and film industries, Steven brings bold creative concepts together with state-of-the-art technology to produce innovative artistic media for leading brands, businesses and educational institutions.

That is what Sebring Revolution is all about: technical innovation at the service of creating revolutionary art media.


The Sebring Revolution System (the “SRS”) was built by Steven to further his artistic vision and to push the boundaries of photographic capture by creating multi-dimensional media without a lengthy production process.

The SRS generates ultra high-resolution captures that serve as versatile building blocks which are assembled into various forms of digital media.

These digital capture assets "DCAs" can be showcased through innovative and immersive technologies across all digital devices, allowing the user to interact with and experience visual media like never before.


Sebring Revolution collaborated with A.F. Vandevorst for their Autumn-Winter ’19 digital fashion show in Paris. This incredible collection was presented through an interactive and immersive experience using holographic videos to showcase the collection.


A collaboration with Fashion Director Nicola Formichetti-Showing fashion in a new way.