The Study Of Pose is an ambitious collaboration between international supermodel Coco Rocha and world-renowned photographer Steven Sebring. Originally a concept of Sebring's, conceived in the late nineties. Steven never found a supermodel versatile enough to execute the task until 3 years ago when he encountered Rocha who has often been called "The Queen Of Pose". The two worked together on his experimental "Rig" for a few years before deciding to attempt 'The Study Of Pose' - a book which catalogs over 1000 unique poses, each captured from 100 angles. The result was 100,000 unique images that make up the entirety of the Study of Pose. Though technically extremely complicated to pull off, the entire study was shot in a classically simple style which will hold up for years to come. Never have a photographer and muse covered so much ground. The finished product is definitive and exhaustive. It will appeal to artists, photographers, fashion fans and art lovers alike.