Sebring Revolution is a photography based next-generation media company harmonizing Art, Content and Technology. In this digital age, while other media creators are racing to develop complex software that emulates reality, Sebring uses propriety camera technology to capture the true beauty and authenticity of its subjects in all dimensions without the use of CGI. Using imagery from these special cameras, Sebring Revolution offers a turn-key solution for clients to create artistic media that lives across all technology platforms.


Director, filmmaker, and photoscientist Steven Sebring is defining the artistic landscape of next-generation photographic media. For more than twenty-five years Steven Sebring has collaborated with legendary visionaries and innovators in the fashion, music, art, sports and film industries as well as the Smithsonian and PBS. He is the recipient of the Sundance Excellence in Cinematography Award, multiple Clio Awards, and holds an Emmy nomination for his cult classic full-length feature film “Patti Smith: Dream of Life”.
In his ongoing pursuit to liberate the static image from its traditional confines, Sebring created a unique, internationally-patented camera system to realize his vision: the Sebring Revolution System ("SRS").

The Sebring Revolution Media Lab is located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in a historic Vaudeville theater. The Media Lab is a full-service production facility that offers clients a one stop solution for all visual media needs.

The Media Lab contains a 30-foot-wide camera array for capturing large items and movement, that we refer to as the Sebring Revolution System (”SRS”), and a six-foot-wide camera array referred to as the “Product System” that is used for capturing smaller items. The captures from the SRS happen instantaneously. Within seconds after a capture, the imagery is available on a preview screen.

The SRS generates high-resolution captures that serve as building blocks that are used to create numerous forms of media. These digital capture assets ("DCAs”) are used to craft immersive and interactive experiences that transport users on a journey of illustrative discovery.

CREATIVE AGENCYSebring Revolution guides clients through brand campaign strategies for today’s technology rich visual landscape. We design and create engaging content for our clients’ visual storytelling in their advertising and marketing strategies. 


A common misconception about the SRS is that it only provides 3-D images. We provide high resolution 2-D still imagery from the same single capture. However, we create interactive experiences from print using QR codes that lead users to new experiences.


We create digital media using 2-D imagery that can be used in website applications, on social media applications and on the Sotheby’s App. We also create films in-house and even score original music. 


We create interactive imagery that lets a user experience personal engagement and connection through direct influence, observation and exploration. 


As one of the most cutting-edge technologies around today, augmented reality threads a layer of interactive data into a user’s real-world environment for an incredible immersive experience. Our media works across all current devices that showcase AR including mobile applications and Magic Leap headsets.

VIRTUAL REALITYOur media can also be harnessed to enrich a virtual reality world. Users can use virtual reality headsets to experience a virtual world in a digital gallery. Unlike standard virtual reality, the pieces will be captured with true photography, not CGI, which will allow users to experience and appreciate the actual detail of the imagery in full immersion.HOLOGRAPHIC PRISM

Captures and media can be displayed in large prismatic hologram installations, bringing dynamic movement and interactive aspects to the user experience. Hologram displays can also include QR codes, as mentioned above, that will allow users to capture the holographic image to their own mobile device that they can view with their own prism described below.
Smaller versions of the holographic prisms can also be created as merchandise options or gifts. When placed on a mobile device, the pieces will appear to “float” in 3D. This product allows for a branded beautiful and intimate keepsake of a digital medium that users can take home.


In addition to providing media with our content, we offer Exhibition and Installation Advisory Services. We conceptualize and build dynamic environments that showcase the media in all its visual forms. From large scale prints and 2D film to augmented and virtual reality, our content will come alive at any event and create instant engagement that leaves a lasting impression.