We are the revolutionary multi-dimensional photography of the future, heralding a new era of sophisticated 360 degree interactive immersive media. Transcending artifice and all limitations of 2D, with unprecedented access to uncharted reality.

Through a holistic approach that blends authenticity and cinematography, we create experiences that connect people and brands in an insightful comprehensive way.

Steven Sebring leverages the diversity of his multidisciplinary expertise and experience from a 20+ year career as a filmmaker, director and photographer to deliver next-generation media projects. Sebring Revolution Media Lab and camera systems harness the phenomenon and power of energy in motion by capturing the realms of time and space, elevating an image into a unified visual experience featuring design and movement. It empowers direct personal connectivity , comprehension and perceptual control through Interactive story-telling digital media content, absolutely omnipotent and pure across all digital devices and media platforms including AR, VR, 3D Sculpture, and holographic concepts.

As humanity undergoes global change, the digital evolution is fueled by accuracy and purpose, Real knowledge, guidance and solutions are at the epicenter of our new digital consciousness. Industry after industry is collapsing or adjusting to the magnitude of mindset change that demands imagery be, integrated visual content for today’s converged media environment.