Sebring Revolution created an immersive and interactive installation for Christie’s historic "Maharajas & Mughal Magnificence" auction and exhibition. At $109.2MM, it received the highest total for any auction of Indian art and Mughal objects, and the second highest for a private jewelry collection.


For this immersive experience, Sebring Revolution created a short film showcasing these extraordinary pieces, which were captured using our proprietary camera technology.  Additionally, we designed and created a holographic experience featuring our 360 content displayed in custom-designed towers, as well as sound design and a branded image viewer which gave guests the ability to explore and discover the pieces in 360° on their mobile devices.  For the grand centerpiece of the New York City installation, we created a 4’ diameter 3D-printed replica of the exquisite Tipu Sultan's Magic Box.


We are honored to have been part of capturing and presenting these magnificent works. Learn more about Christie’s historic "Maharajas & Mughal Magnificence" auction here...